Speed Check Weigher

Speed Check Weigher

DETECTRONIC Speed Check Weigher is built in an elegant, innovative and smart way. It has a very small footprint and saves space compared to many other machines on the market. The smart design is both cost effective and mechanically balanced to avoid vibrations and other mechanical noise which can interfere with the check weighers ability to weigh. The Speed check is therefore one of the most precise weighing machine on the market and is approved for legal trade.

As standard the DETECTRONIC Speed Check Weigher is equipped with a digital load cell, ultra-precise and noise reducing step motors. It has quick belt release for easy cleaning and dismantling. Furthermore it has a 14 inch colour touch screen which act as a siflf guided MMI interface.

With speeds up to 260 pcs/ pr minute the Speed Check out classes most of its competitors and secures a high production quality and precise weighing of products.

Data reports are easily extracted from the checkweigher via a PC and/or Printer.

DETECTRONIC has many years of experience with building customized Speed Check Weigher systems with a vast variety of rejection systems. We are experts in advising our customers to find the right solution – let us know your enquiry and we will be pleased to assist you with our many years of know-how.



DETECTRONIC Check Weighers features:

  • Tough and robust structure in Stainless steel
  • Cost effective and extreme reliability
  • Hygienic design
  • Digital load cell signal processing
  • OIML R51and EC TAC (MID) approved
  • R51 Approved to X(1) e = 0,2 g
  • 14”colour touch screen
  • Policeman & E weighing SW as standard
  • Connection through Ethernet, Wlan and WIFI to PC and printer
  • Comprehensive production reports
  • Speeds up to 260 packs/min (in operation)
  • Ultra-precise, 0,2 and 0,5 g resolution
  • Multi product memory wit up to 10.000 programs.
  • Weighing up to 1200 and 3000 g.
  • Full compliance with HACCP criteria
  • Can be equipped to meet e.g. IFS, BRC, M&S requirements
  • DETECTRONIC uses only food-compatible parts that are FDA & USDA compliant
  • High level of electronic and mechanical reliability
  • Worldwide installations
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