About the Poultry Industry

The poultry industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past years. The demand for poultry products is growing, and the poultry processing companies and consumers are now looking at developing markets for more opportunities. Moreover, the demands for food safety are higher than ever. We see a clear tendency in all markets towards further processing and value adding. This means that the products go through more and more manufacturing processes that include more and more machines and less manpower.

Working with the poultry industry, from fresh to frozen, from whole bird production to cut up lines, and from further processing, to value adding, means dealing with the risk of foreign object contamination in the product.

Foreign objects in the product can arise from many different sources during processing; it can come from cutting tools, from knives, debris from machines and so forth. Foreign materials can act as choking hazards that can endanger consumers and cause significant damage to a brand.

DETECTRONIC has specialized in the poultry sector for many years and can provide you with a sustainable solution to eliminate the risk of foreign metal contamination in your products.

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