The Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is on the rise and more and more milk is being processed into value added products, due to higher standards of living in most parts of the world. The industry has however also been hit with recalls and scandals following poor control. Therefore over the years there has been a significant increased focus on manufactures to process safer food.

As a dairy product producer, brand recognition is everything. You need to protect your brand, image and business from costly recalls, to protect your customers, and ensure sales. This is good policy and in compliance with most countries rules and regulations.

When milk is processed into a number of different products, including cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc. it undergoes processing. During the processing, foreign metal objects from operators, maintenance or from processing machines, can find their way into the product.

When properly installed and operated, product inspection equipment can help to reduce contamination and improve the safety of dairy products.

DETECTRONIC has served the dairy industry for over 20 years. This comes natural for us as the only metal detector manufacture in Scandinavia where one of the biggest food producing and exporting industries is in fact the dairy industry.

DETECTRONIC can provide you with a sustainable solution to eliminate the risk of foreign metal contamination in your products.

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