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Detectronic delivers 5 set metal detectors, to a well know German poultry processor in Niedersachsen, Germany. Detectronic is rapidly becoming one of the favorite brands for Poultry processors in Germany due to it unique and waterproof IP 68 protection. Detectronic designed to survive, even under water…

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Detectronic challenged in the Cake industry. We were approach by a well know cookie producer in South East Asia who wanted a special application for his production. The task was to move the products down from a higher production position to a lower position and at the same time do an automatic metal detection with automatic reject system.

Detectronic engineering solved it with a coated belt that would allow the cookies to stay in place and not fall down the conveyer while transferred, and transferred onwards to a metal detection unit with a retractable belt



The new revolutionary  608 Uni-Spectrum…..


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