Detectronic Group

Detectronic Group is set up with 4 units around the world.

Our Headquarter Detectronic A/S is located in Aalborg, Denmark, form here we carry out most of our production that is sold and shipped around the world. We also do our R/D in house and we continue to spend a high % of our gross profit in R/D.


Detectronic India Ltd, is located in Pune, India. It was formed in 2016 and has been very successful over the years. The technology is imported from Denmark, however locally we do make conveyers and reject systems for the local Indian market. Detectronic India also covers Sri lanka and can carry our service in India & Sri Lanka. For inquiries in India / Sri Lanka please contact; Contact Swapnil Kamthe @

Detectronic Shanghai Ltd, is located in the western part of Shanghai, China. Detectronic Shanghai operates all over China and is rising fast as the economy is growing in China and we get more and more market share. Detectronic China covers exclusively the Chinese territory. For inquiries in China please contact; Contact Jason Wang @

Detectronic Asia Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand. Is Detectronic newest subsidiary. Detectronic Asia Co. Ltd. supports the South East Asia region from its office in Bangkok both in terms of sales and service hub in Asia.


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